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  • Getting started with JA Norite

    {jacomment off}

    What is JA Norite?

    JA Norite is a new T3 Framework based template design for Joomla! featuring JA Comment Component and visual integration with the powerful K2 Content Component.

    What is hot about JA Norite?

    • Beautiful template overrides for JA Comment Component and K2 Content Component
    • Eight color themes in a 100% tableless design with grid system
    • Two layouts with different block configuration and design with layout override settings. Meet the Default (Main + Right) layout designed for homepage and the Left + Main layout for other content pages.
    • Four menu systems: Split Menu, CSS Menu, Dropline Menu, Mega Menu
    • Up to 24 module positions: 16 Spotlight positions, top, main navigation, left, right, content mass top & content mass bottom, column mass top, column mass bottom, footer navigation, copyright, and others. See all module positions here!
    • Beautiful typography! Customized for all color themes!
    • Various modules and plugins to push design to the limits!
    • SEO optimized design.

    See complete JA Norite features list here! Read the official release announce here!



    JA Norite is powered by T3 Framework. You are new to JoomlArt? No problem!

    Our documentation team are constantly updating the WIKI resources so you can develop fast!

    Start right now by visiting our WIKI pages:

    Need support?

    We have prepared a quick guide for JA Norite we hope you will enjoy. Click here to learn more.

    Need help customizing JA Norite Template? Please ask support questions in the designated forum section here.

    If you need professional assistance, feel free to post support tickets in our Customer Support Website.


    Technical Requirements

    JA Norite was designed for Joomla! 1.5 CMS and inherits the server requirements.

    Software Recommended Minimum More information
    PHP* 5.2 + 4.3.10
    MySQL** 4.1.x + 3.23
    (with mod_mysql, mod_xml,
    and mod_zlib)
    2.x + 1.3
    Microsoft IIS**** 7 6

    See the complete technical requirements here.


    Found bugs?

    Please let us know! Report any issue you encounter in our project management portal here.

    Our development team will analyze and provide fixes and improvements on a regular basis.


    Final notes

    Enjoy developing with JA Norite Template!

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